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The Music You Need To Listen To Before An Operation

So I had surgery yesterday. I had to get my appendix taken out. It was one of the most of the painful experiences of my life. My appendix almost burst. The doctor told me I had a high threshold for pain. Before I get into the music, let’s talk about my appendix quickly. I was relaxing in my apartment listening to some electronic dance music. I was bumping some Calvin.. Read More

Use Double Strollers that can Play Songs Too

Modern strollers have a lot of features that are perfect for your kids. Among the more modern types of strollers are double strollers. They have two compartments. They are perfect for twins. However, even if you don’t have twins, you can still use the double strollers. You can place your baby on one side and his stuff on the other side. This makes it easier for you to move around… Read More

The Day the Music Died: Honoring David Bowie

A couple of days ago, the whole world was stunned with news of David Bowie’s passing. He succumbed to cancer after an 18-month battle. He was 69 years old but every inch a legend in an industry that has criticized and loved him for many decades. By today’s standards, his music would be called alternative and off-beat; not that they were not mainstream material, but because they were always leaps.. Read More

Build Your Career to be a DJ Starting at Home

Some people would not recommend being a DJ as a full time career. It is not necessarily high paying and not everyone succeeds in this kind of job. Moreover, it is seen as a hobby and not really a career. Though this is true in many levels, no one should stop you from pursuing it if you feel like it is what you deserve. After all, we do things in.. Read More

Preparing Yourself for the Hottest Concerts Hitting Town

Dallas is going to be expecting a lot of concerts this 2016. In January alone, you would be expecting plenty of rock, indie rock, pop rock and newgrass jam bands like Futurebirds, Railroad Earth, Tribute to Sublime, Quite Company, and Tanlines rocking all night. There are also very famous artists like Macklemore to spice up the music-loving crowd of Dallas, Texas. Plus the Texas beerfest is almost here too. There.. Read More

Improve Your Skills as a DJ Even When Cleaning Your House

If you want to be a really good DJ, you don’t necessarily have to practice on the actual equipment. Sometimes, you need to improve your skills by just staying home. Take note being a good DJ is just about being good in listening and appreciating music. These are things that you can do even at home. I am not saying that you should not practice with the actual equipment at.. Read More

The Influence of Music When Cooking or Preparing Beverages

Cooking and making drinks at home can be very fun and exciting. You get to experiment on different ingredients. When the people you are to feed are satisfied with what you have done, then it is even better. However, there are instances when you feel like you are just forced to cook because your family needs to eat and you have no one to help you out. In this case,.. Read More

Securing Your Papers and Money for the next Glastonbury Festival

Nothing beats listening to music and seeing live performances out in the open. You could feel every beat, hear every tone and drown in the madness of people who also came to witness and enjoy that moment with you. Which is why, nothing could ever compare to going to the Glastonbury Festival – the world’s most famous music festival held annually in England. They always say that you shouldn’t even.. Read More

Spend Some Time for Music Jamming as a Couple

Whether you are into music or not, it always helps if you sing or play musical instruments. When you have a partner, it is even better if you do it together. This is one effective way to improve your relationship. You can go to the nearest karaoke room and sing your heart out. It does not really matter if you have good voices. This is just a creative way for.. Read More