festivalNothing beats listening to music and seeing live performances out in the open. You could feel every beat, hear every tone and drown in the madness of people who also came to witness and enjoy that moment with you. Which is why, nothing could ever compare to going to the Glastonbury Festival – the world’s most famous music festival held annually in England. They always say that you shouldn’t even dare to come if you would have a set of plans that you would need to follow strictly because in Glastonbury Festival, you don’t need to plan, you just go with the flow. You just get to be your happy go lucky self.

But because it’s quite a well-known event, you would definitely expect a huge crowd of people coming from all around the globe. Which is why, you would still need to plan the basic stuff like packing your favorite band shirt, some crazy headdress, and a good working camera.

Most importantly you need to be grabbing your phone, getting yourself a plane ticket, securing your passport and bringing in some extra cash just in case of emergencies.

You don’t want to go around without cash and phone out there

There’s just so many merchandise up for grabs like T-shirts, Lanyards, Ballers and other cool stuff and definitely plenty of opportunity for you to take pictures. You would really hate to miss snapping pictures. If you lose your wallet and phone out there, there’s not a single chance for you to get them back. You would be like looking for a needle on a haystack.

Never lose your IDs!

It would really be a bummer when after all the craziness of all the music enthusiasts out there you realize that not only did you lose your phone and your wallet but you also lost passport and even your ticket back home. Now how would you get back? And what would you do in case someone swoops in asking you for some papers?

Grab yourself some handy tools to make sure everything’s safe

Before going to flying off to England for the Glastonbury Fest, save yourself from all that horror and head on to the nearest department store to grab a passport protector, a safe wallet, and a travel document holder. It’s best to put everything in one neat place. It’s easier and safer that way. You may be spending a bit more than expected but it is better safe than sorry folks! Besides, this might not be your last music fest and of course, you should always consider the fact that you could travel to other places too someday. If you want to learn some more tips on safe travel, you should check this out.

Get wild, and intoxicated with the music and the crowd

Once you’re all settled with all the necessary things that you would need, then you’re free to go all crazy and wild while enjoying the music and the company of other people who went there to be one with music.