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Does Smoking Marijuana Really Help Improve Your Musical Sense?

There is a continuing debate on whether or not marijuana can help improve one’s brain functions. Most people would argue that smoking marijuana will just make you feel tired and lazy to do anything. It relaxes you, but it does not bring out the best in you. The people you see who are high in marijuana end up sleeping or are too disoriented to do anything. This is why it.. Read More

Benefits of Listening to Background Music While in the Bath

Taking a bath or a shower or a dip in the tub could relax anyone. Do you remember the time that you didn’t feel relaxed after a bath? That’s very much impossible. Studies show that there can really be a lot of benefits of taking a bath. It helps one to focus and also release the tension build-up of the body, which is why, it is one great way to.. Read More

Do Drugs Make Enjoying Music Better?

Musicians will probably tell you that music and drugs go hand in hand. Throughout history, drugs have been in circulation along with concerts and parties. With the number of musicians writing and singing songs about drugs, sometimes even personifying it, you might be led to believe that drugs make better music. You might be wondering, how about the listeners? Do drugs make music more enjoyable to listen to? Based on.. Read More

The Link Between Fashion and Music

Music has definitely played a big part in society and it has influenced so many aspects of our lives. Fashion is just one of these. To truly understand and appreciate music, you have to realize how it can truly change your life. Here are five major ways: Playing it Playing music is one of the most powerful and most satisfying ways it can change one’s life. By playing music, it.. Read More

The miracle of music

Music is known to have beneficial effects to man. It plays an important role in the over-all health of a person, whether physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a natural treatment to many health conditions. Research has proven that music provides positive effect to a person. A person who is immersed in music for twenty minutes or more is in a relaxed state. This is due to the stimulation that.. Read More

Biggest record labels in the world

Music industry is continuously growing with the help of dedicated companies who make sure that worldwide audience is reached through massive promotions and support to its talents. Over the years these companies have provided outstanding service to its artists and talents to motivate them into giving the best they can.  The mutual relationship between artists and these recording companies provide reciprocal benefits to each one. Check out the top five.. Read More

How to take music with you when you are travelling?

With the technology we have now, where everyday things evolve for the better, it is not surprising to know that more and more gadgets are invented and improved for the pleasure of its users. As a music lover, one of the major considerations we look for is how we travel with our favorite music. Many means of transportation such as the bus, taxi, train, or airplane provide different forms of.. Read More